Friday, September 11, 2009

280 Blog Hits, 350 miles later.....

Alright, so all you perves still logging ont0 my blog out of curiosity about that idiotic craigslist should be sooooo happy to know that this blog received about 280 hits since it was posted.
I hope you have severely enjoyed the "lurking" because I'm over the sketched out part. If you're all so desperate and lonely that you feel the need to log into craigslist in hopes that some stranger has a crush on you, I'm sure you're bored enough to read my blog. So, please....keep reading. I'm happy to provide an entertainment service for those who so desperately need it. Just please, don't take the stalking past this point. I've filed enough restraining orders in my life, I don't need any more.
So I dragged the new kid along with me to L.A. tonight. Despite my GPS attempting to take me the most fucked up paths here and having to reroute ourselves a couple of time, we made it with surprising ease. Nothing like a 5-hour car ride to get to know a virtual stranger. I can totally deal with his taste in music too...which is rare, especially in one so young. Driving at night is a fav of mine as well. Empty roads, too many cigarettes, Red Bull and my tunes usually carry me through "The Drive", but, for once, it was nice to have the company.
Right now he's asleep on the floor besides my King-Sized bed because he was too shy to share it. Cute kid. Thankfully, we have a suite in Palm Spring tomorrow night, so I won't have to feel guilty about him sleeping on the floor. Though, he did admit to being some percentage Asian tonight, and they sleep in drawers, right? So, it can't be so bad. JKJKJKJK
He's so new to the game, it's kind of refreshing. I miss contantly feeling the unbelievably invigorating feeling of doing anything I haven't before. Now, I have to chase that feeling with all my might. When did I get so old that I feel like everything is so old that I'm over it? So many experiences have turned into mundane, stale moments when I can do nothing but yawn and roll my eyes. Some times I wish I was younger, sometimes I wish I was less intelligent, and sometimes I wish I hadn't been around the block quite so many times. Probably why I get a kick out of hanging with the Z Generation. That's right, I'm coining the phrase right here and now. They say Gen X ranges from 1961-1982. They say, that I'm of the Generation Y. Which has been coined as a term but of which dates have not been defined. Well, I'm here to define them; Gen Y:1983-1987. We are the kids of the "baby boom echo". Things change in society so much more rapidly these days thanks to the global market place and the prevalence of technology and internet, that it only makes sense that "generations" would decrease in size significantly.
Gen Z , which I'll estimate as kids born 1988-1994, just for argument's sake, they fascinate me. My niece will turn 17 this week and is firmly part of that generation.....17, or in The Kid's sake, 21.....absolutely no difference in interests, fads, or general life outlook. Hell, maybe I like the Kid because he reminds me of my niece but he can go to the bars with me? Not that he drinks...yet (yeah, that fresh).
Oh well, I'll elaborate on the subject later, as it's nearly 3:30 AM here. Tenative plan for the morning; Wake up, Go to gym, Go for a swim (weather is fan-fuckin-tastic here), Get Ready, Lunch, WeHo for a minute maybe, then driving to Palm Springs for the night for the hell of it. Drive back Saturday after a quick, long-overdue trip to Ikea (I need light fixtures. lol)

So, Love, Peace, and Afrogrease Motherfuckaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Goodnight ;)

P.S. Remember, every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten. Please! Think of the kittens. ;)