Friday, September 11, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

So, today has been long already. Woke up, went to the hotel gym, worked it out, showered, packed, and started the long tedious drive to Palm Springs. At first, the GPS took us for a joyride through long beach for a while, until I pulled over and spent a half-hour reprogramming it, then, we were finally on our way. Other than some horrific traffic getting out of L.A. and the GPS continuously falling down from the windshield, I was an uneventful trip. The Kid and I got a chance to rifle through eachother's the road tunes were good.
The drive was actually very pretty. I love desert landscapes. Also, living in the midwest for so long, I love seeing the windmills. I suppose they sort of remind me of Don Quixote. On this drive, there are hundreds of them surrounding the interstate, combine that with the backdrop of the mountains and it was a little unreal.
I even got a little alone time when The Kid and Chompers took a nap together. Have I not mentioned Chompers? He's my black chihuahua, running buddy, and travel companion. Normally I'm a big dog kind of person, but Chompers can get on a plane with me and I can sneak him into anywhere (including the hotel I write this from.)
When we finally got to Palm Springs, we checked into the hotel and ran out to get sushi since we haven't eaten all day. It was delicious. I'm never sure if it's the sushi I love or the Sapporo and Sake, but it always seems to cure whatever ails me.
Now, we're trying to decide where we're going tonight. The Kid's first gay bar was The Escape Lounge the other night, apparently, so we're out to pop his cherry. Hopefully, stories to come!

P.S. Song of the day: Ampersand by Amanda Palmer.
P.P.S. Quote of the day (thus far): "The good news? We're almost there. The bad new? THe GPS just fell down again, hit something on the dash and we just lost all electrical. Oh....and we're going 75 during rush hour."