Thursday, September 10, 2009

I only photograph my facinations....til the stress of the flash...makes them fade....

I'm going to make this a short one, since I should have gotten up early, gotten my shit done and have already been out the door and on my way to L.A. Thakfully, Dakota already said she was busy tonight with work, so there will be no let down there. I should really call my family in WeHo but, considering it's a one-night limited engagment, I think I'll pass. So much driving to do, so little time.

So, I lied. I went back to the ghetto gym yesterday. It's just so much closer. That.....and it deflects my craigslist stalkers. It was a good workout. I love my new shoes. I totally reccomend the Nike Free line to all the gym-bunnies out there. They are so light! I really bought them for the flexible sole. SInce I usually run for an hour and a half, my feet tend to cramp when they are stuck in one position, but since they were now free to move naturally, I had none of that. Check it out, bitches.

After the gym, I met up with Laura and Brent at The Joyful House. I love that damn restaurant. It's a bit off the beaten path, but it's the best Chinese food in town. I read about it in Details Magazine shortly after I arrived in town, and decided to hit it up. For some reason, it's hard to find good Chinese here. Thai? No problem. Chinese is just touch and go. Plus, they are open until even those with the Vegas schedule can hit it up.

They along a friend, visiting from their hometown. They were right, Erie, PA must be a god-awful depressing place. No wonder they moved. I also invited along a kid I'd met through my adventures online. I won't name him yet, let's see if he sticks around. He's a nice kid. Only 21, moved here two weeks ago for school, doesn't really know anyone yet and was getting homesick, so I invited him along to meet the other newbies to hang out. He was so quiet, but I probably would have been too, considering we were complete strangers and all at least 5 years older.

After dinner, Laura dropped their friend off at Bally's and Brent, the kid, and myself went over to Escape Lounge...again. Laura met back up with us shortly thereafter. It was the same old Escape Lounge. Although the kid was trying to test my music knowledge and failed miserably. Everyone always makes fun of the fact that I know most music...and usually can name the band, song title, and year of release without batting an eye.

It was a good night, in all. It was fun meeting someone new and Laura and Brent are quickly turning into besties. I have a fondness for picking up strays. Thankfully, Vegas is full of them. It can be a tough town to make friends in, at first. The most important thing for any Vegas Newbie to know is to diversify. It's too easy to get all caught up in one group of friends when there are so many different kinds of people out there.

I went home and watched Glee on DVR. I was right with my initial impression. It kind of sucks. I can't even remember what the storyline was about last night. Just not a grabber. The gays and teeny-boppers better get on this one fast before the rating throw it off the air.
I forgot to DVR the season finale of Leverage. FUCK. Now, I'm going to have to wait a few days to view it OnDemand. I love that show, although, mostly for Parker. She cracks me up. She has the best one-liners!

Ok, sorry to keep it brief but I have to get truckin'. I'll try to update from L.A. later tonight. I'll attempt to post a vid I made loosely based on characters here. Enjoy!

Here's the link anyway. I'm too hurried to bother figuring it out.