Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ok, so it really pisses me off that I feel the need to write this from the car on my way back from out of town, but I suppose that's what wireless cards are for.
As previously mentioned, there has been all this shit about me on craigslist lately. Well, just a few days ago, somebody posted the address to this blog and my Twitter account on there. That was totally not called for. These are personal accounts. I reveal personal information on them. Do I care if the public takes interest? Not really. But do I want a lot of skeezers from Craigslist looking it up simply because somebody somewhere saw me at the gym or shopping for groceries and thought I was hot? Not at all. I don't try to be a sex symbol, nor do I like the idea of being considered one. I'm actually a human being with a broad range of interests and a highly functioning mind. I would rather be known for those attributes.
Well, I found out who had leaked my information. It's just an ex-friend who has beef with me. It's stupid, it's childish and he should really act his age....which is a fair bit older than even my own. When friends started telling me that there was an ad or two on there about me, I'll admit, I thought it was kind of cool. However, when some guy asked the forum if anyone knew my name, I started to feel a little freaked out. Vegas' gay community is not all that big. I mean, seriously, when I get a text or a phone call every time something vague about me is posted on the internet, you know it's small. So, I knew someone would know me that saw those ads and would probably release my personal information out of spite.....for whatever reason.
Then, when some of my info was leaked, I was super freaked out. Now, just today there is a whole new slew of posts about me in response to one in particular. I won't post it on here because it's idiotic, untrue, and very offensive. However, I will tell you that it was that same "ex-friend" who posted it. Or so the phone call I just received inform me. Apparently, when you act an asshole and go blabbing about it, people repeat what you say...because it definitely got back to one of my real friends.
So let me clear up a few things mentioned in that post and in following ones;

1. First and foremost, I did not post a single one of the ads on their myself. What would my motivation be? I've been married to the same guy for 2.5 years. If they were implying that I did it to boost my Blog audience or my Twitter followers, they are sorely mistaken. It's not like I get paid for this, people. I don't know what evidence he's suggesting, but I keep ONE e-mail account and have not posted anything on the craigslist for a long long time and that was a Rideshare one. I might look at Missed Connections every 4 or 5 months but other than that, I'm on their to shop jobs or sale items, not dick. The very reason I haven't posted ANYTHING on there since that last time is because I got crazy ass e-mail responses to my ONE e-mail account for months. Not to mention, all my e-mails come through on my Blackberry. I don't need to waste my time out and about looking at e-mails from crazies.

2. It was suggested that the linguistics of all of the e-mails are similar. Read my writing on here, are they at all the same? I just reviewed the ones I had previously posted on here. I know I'm not Albert Einstein but I was a Creative Writing Major once upon a time. Give me a break. Sorry to all of the guys that really did post nice things, but the writing in those posts was that of a 10th grader.

3. To all those that try and insult my appearance? What are you basing that on? The one picture on here? I don't think it's a bad pic. The best? No. I could really give a shit either way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The only person I care about finds me attractive. That's good for me.
Thanks to that last poster who actually defended me, though. You are absolutely correct, if they're on that site trolling for dick, they must not be all that attractive themselves. Afterall, it's not like they posted their pictures with their anonymous posts. Oh...and let's not even talk about the person that posted these allegations. There's a reason he's never had an LTR at his age....just sayin.

4. The ad says I have way too much time on my hands and that's why I would post my own ads? I think you have way too much time if, in fact, you did attempt to "investigate" all of this. Let alone, if you're responding to ANYTHING posted on there or even read it. Whatever "evidence" you have is completely unfounded. My husband can attest to that fact. He's a computer geek and maintenances all my systems. He has access to every account I have anywhere. In fact, it was he who saw this nonsensical ad post on his phone when I was driving earlier today. Yeah, now he's checking it because he's been worried for my safety since my info was leaked. In fact, he's even contacted a lawyer to discuss options. I had told him that it would all die down and it's no big deal, but now I'm reconsidering. Slander, alone, has it's consequences, people.

5. I have jumped on craiglist to flag ONE ad. The one that disclosed my addresses and account information, naturally. That IS a prohibited post.

6. The name Devin Danger was not invented by me, it was invented by my eldest niece and her friends when they were 13...4 years ago. It became my Myspace name as a joke for them and it stuck accordingly back in my hometown when Myspace was so popular, most people only knew you from the bars and on my account. Most people can't remember my real last name, but "Danger" they remembered. Probably something about the illiteration. So, I've used it for several years now as a more anonymous online name ONLY. I actually get annoyed when people call me that in person. Afterall, I don't live my life online.

7. I don't really like attention in that way from the gay community. I basically left my home town because I wanted anonymity for the first time in my life. This is why I've lived in Vegas for 1+ years and most of you have probably NEVER seen me out. Ok, yeah, I have some distinguishing features, but should I really try to assimilate and fade into the background?

In short, I want all of you to just fuck off. I appreciate the KIND words that were said, thanks. I never responded when I heard of those ads because, as I said, I am married and, frankly, even if I weren't, I would never go online to find men to date. I never had any probably meeting them in real life. Hell, I met my husband in line at a Subway Sandwich of all places.
That said, if I hear of anymore of my personal information being posted on that site, I've been advised to call the police and inform them so that they can get their Internet Crimes Division on it.
So, Love, Peace, and Afrogrease,